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Practice Services

Office Infusion Center (OIC)

OIC Services

  • Care plan oversight and counseling
  • Lab draw and lab work monitoring
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmaco-economics
  • Preparation and administration or distribution of ordered medications, supplies, and equipment
  • Central line catheter maintenance and care
  • Outpatient therapy monitoring  

Our clinic provides full-service care by offering in-hospital or in-office consultation services in addition to the evaluation, treatment, and management of infectious diseases. 

OIC Referrals 

We are happy to accept patients who are in need of specialty care. Please use the following process to refer a patient to our clinic.

  • Contact the Infusion Nurse at 520.308.4590 as soon as the need for outpatient IV therapy has been identified.
  • Provide our staff with patient demographics, insurance information, medical and physicial history, labs/tests and any pertinent clinical information. We will verify insurance coverage.
  • Once approved, our staff will contact the patient to schedule an evaluation with one of our physicians and arrange
    ​infusion services.
  • Our OIC staff will coordinate all infusion services and maintain communication with referring physician regarding patient therapy.

Call Us:  520.989.0226

Infectious Disease Consultants

Infectious Disease Consultants provides a full-service ambulatory infusion center in the comfort and privacy of our office. Our outpatient infusion therapy helps patients avoid hospitalization or reduce their length of stay and allows them to return to routine activities after receiving treatment.

Patients return to our OIC for individualized treatment plans to have blood work drawn, dressings changed, and medical evaluation by the care team and physician. Each patient's treatment and care is supervised and managed by an Infectious Disease Physician. Additionally, our physicians are supported by a highly knowledgeable and trained infusion team who stay abreast the latest technologies and methods in intravenous care. Continuity of care and comfort is assured, as the same clinical staff manages patient care throughout the course of treatment and is available to address any patient questions or concerns 24/7.

Our OIC offers a range of therapies and services including the following: 

​OIC Therapies

  • IV Antibiotics
  • IV Antifungals
  • IV Antivirals
  • IV Immunologlobulin (IVIG)
  • Remicade
  • SCIG
  • Xolair
  • Other Therapies